Over the years I have given numerous lectures to many different organisations, from RSPB members groups, local Wildlife Trusts and  Photographic Societies to gardening groups and Women’s Institutes. I have a wide variety of subjects which should appeal to many organisations. The emphasis is very much on fun and entertainment.

I give my talks using a digital projector, and can easily accommodate breaks in the middle for refreshments etc.. I ususally bring along a selection of my prints for sale on the evening.

If you are interested in having me give a talk to your group, you can contact me by e-mail by clicking here. My lecture fee for 2014 is £65 and I charge 60p/mile for fuel.

 Here is a small selection of  my lecture titles:-

“Antarctica - the wildlife at the end of the world” - wildlife in the worlds’ last great wilderness.

“Scurvy - the sailor’s peril”. A look back at the history of this medical condition which used to decimate  marine travel in the age of sail.

“The wildlife of Kenya” - showing the wildlife to be seen on an East African safari.

“Megapodes, mollymawks and marsupials - a naturalist downunder” - illustrating the wildlife of Australia.

“Insects in close-up” - Butterflies, Dragonflies, Moths etc.

“Galapagos - in the footsteps of Darwin” - a look at the unique wildlife of these enchanted islands.

“Spectacular seabirds of the north” - a close look at this fascinating group of birds.

“South America - a naturalist’s paradise” - the ultimate wildlife destination.

“Wildlife photography for everyone” - tips on improving your photography

“Peru - from Vultures to cultures” - a blend of wildlife, spectacular scenery and Inca culture.

“A life on the ocean waves” - travels of a cruise ship lecturer.

“East Anglia’s wonderful wildlife” - a look at the superb wildlife to be found in this part of England, close to my home.

“Hummingbirds and Havana - the wonder of Cuba” - wildlife and culture of this intriguing country.

“Fascinating facts about wildlife of the world” - a look at some of the things you may not know about some of the world’s wildlife.

“Crocodiles and Quetzals - Costa Rica at its best”

“Spoonbills and Spaceships - a visit to Florida”

“Spitzbergen - the wildlife at the top of the world”

“Gaining a Fellowship in Nature from the Royal Photographic Society”

“Scurvy - the sailor’s peril, and how it was conquered”

“Spectacular wildlife of the Caribbean and northern South America”


My Latest Book

I have recently written my latest book on wildlife photography. Entitled “Wildlife photography around the world”, it is a book illustrating many of the dramatic and beautiful wildlife to be found in many parts of the world. With each photograph are details of the camera and lens used, as well as the individual settings on the camera.  To see a selection of pages from the book or to order a copy, please click on the following link:-