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What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file which is placed on to your computer via your web browser when you visit websites. Cookies are used to save certain information that you have entered into your computer, such as your name, as well as recording information such as the last time you visited a website or how you browsed to a website. The use of cookies enables me to enhance your future visits in things such as personalised greetings, showing you content that you have shown interest in previously or for gathering statistical information such as what browsers users are using. Cookies are only used be my site to store data. They are not used to do anything harmful including things such as starting a process or programmes on your computer or infecting your computer in any way.  

If you choose to delete our cookies or set your internet browser to not accept cookies from my site, you will still be able to view the site. However, you will not experience a personalised visit, or be able to benefit from other personalised features.

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