18th November 2011 - 1st December 2011

To see a list of birds seen on this trip click here

I was a lecturer on a wildlife themed cruise to Indonesia in the autumn of 2011


18th November 2011

Depart Singapore early morning after joining the Spirit of Adventure cruise ship last night. Arrived Singapore after t British Airways flight from Heathrow, London.

19th November 2011

At sea.

20th November 2011

Semarang, Lesser Sundas, Indonesia.

21st November 2011

Karimunjawa Island, Lesser Sundas, Indonesia.

22nd November 2011

At sea.

23rd November 2011

Probilinggo, Lesser Sundas, Indonesia.

24th November 2011

Padang Bai, Bali, Indonesia

25th November 2011

At sea.

26th November 2011

Maumere, Lesser Sundas, Indonesia

27th November 2011

Larantuka, Lesser Sundas, Indonesia

28th November 2011

Kupang, Timor, Indonesia

29th November 2011

Waingipu, Lesser Sundas, Indonesia

30th November 2011

Komodo Island, Lesser Sundas, Indonesia

1st. December 2011

Bali, Indonesia.

On the whole, it was a very quiet trip indeed as far as birds went. I saw much fewer numbers and species than I was expecting. However the lack of bird life was more than made up for with the visit to Komodo, home to the world’s largest lizard, and also now known to be the world’s largest venomous creature.

This was the highlight for me, as well as many of the passengers on the ship. It takes as special effort to get to this remote island, and it did not disappoint. I had wanted to visit here for over 30 years and it was wonderful to encounter the giant lizards at close quarters.