Argentina, the Falkland Islands, Antarctica and Chile, January 2006

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Saturday 21st January 2006

Christine and I. Departed Heathrow airport 9:30 pm local time for Sao Paulo (Brazil) on British Airways flight. Arrive Sao Paulo at 6:10am local time (11 hour flight). Stayed on the plane while it was refuelled, then carried on to Buenos Aires. Arrive 9:25am local time and transferred to Saga Rose. Although it was like when we arrived in Sao Paulo, only one bird was seen, distantly, which was unidentifiable.

Sunday 22nd January, 2006

Departed Buenos Aires at 6:00pm. Sunny, hot.

Monday 23rd January, 2006

At sea from Buenos Aires heading for the Falkland Islands. Not many birds, but flat calm sea.

Tuesday 24th January, 2006

At sea, heading to the Falkland Islands. Early mist which cleared to leave a warm day.

Wednesday 25th January 2006

On route to the Falkland Islands. Wind force 4 to five south-easterly. Unable to land in the Falklands due to the weather - Clear but the swell was too great with 50 knot winds. Barry and Tom came on board the ship on the ice pilot boat for 30 minutes on board and then had to depart back to Port Stanley.

Thursday 26th January 2006

At sea sailing south. Wind force 6-7 at times, occasional showers.

Friday 27th January 2006

A ride that King George Island, (a Polish base). Arrived at 6am. Left the ship on the first boat, to set up the site for the passengers. A very nice day - calm, Grey brief snow shower, sunshine later. Excellent trip. Back on board by 3:30pm, and then cruised south to Paradise Harbour .

Saturday 28th January 2006

Waterboat Point in the morning (from 7am to 3:30pm) then on to Port Lockroy (no landing here). Then overnight to Half Moon Island. Clear, calm, sunny.

Amazing day. Superb scenery and birds. Long, tiring work, but well worth it.

Sunday 29th January, 2006

Half Moon Island - landing - then on to Deception Island in the afternoon. No landing here, but went into the volcano caldera.

Monday 30th January 2006

At sea from Deception Island to Ushuaia.

Tuesday 31st January 2006

Arrived at Ushuaia at 7:30am. Unable to dock because of the 55 knot wind. Therefore carried on through the Beagle Channel to the Pacific Ocean, passing the glaciers en route.

Wednesday 1st February 2006

Continuing along the Chilean Fjords. Paused at the Skua glacier. Wind gradually abating.

Thursday 2nd February 2006

Continuing along the canals to the Pacific.

Friday 3rd February 2006

Still cruising along the Fjords/Pacific. Wonderful Clear, warm day. Sunshine all day.

Saturday 4th February 2006

Puerto Montt. Hired a taxi with David Wilson (200 US dollars). Went to Lago Verde, and then on to the torrent/rapids. Drizzle a lot of the time.

Sunday 5th February 2006

At sea from Puerto Montt to Valparaiso. Clear, calm. Hot.

Monday 6th February 2006

Valparaiso - disembarked Saga Rose at 10am, and transferred to the Best Western Hotel, Marina del Rey. Then, hired a taxi - an 18 year-old driver called Boris. Me, Christine, Richard and Peter Clarkson. We went to Renaca, then further north to Islas Cachagua. We also stopped at a water body near an industrial/Chemical complex. We left at 12:30pm and returned at 8pm, 200 US dollars for the day for four of us. Excellent value.

Tuesday 7th February 2006

Depart Valparaiso for Santiago, arrive at the airport at 11:50am four-hour flight to Buenos Aires and then on to Paris.