Florida, August 1999

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This was a family holiday and was two centre - at Disneyland and Naples. We hired a car picked up at the airport. The trip also gave me the opportunity to visit the fantastic Kennedy Space Centre, which besides having all that you could wish to see about the American space story, is also an excellent place to watch birds.

Thursday 12th August, 1999

Depart Gatwick at 1111 local time. Arrive Sandford, Florida, at 1600 local time after route over Scotland and Greenland - icebergs, Manhattan.

House Sparrow

Friday 13th August, 1999

To Epcot then Typhoon Lagoon.

Black Vulture (New Species. 3-4), House Sparrow, Egret sp.

Saturday 14th August, 1999

To MGM studio and River country.

Black Vulture (20 plus River country), Anhinga (New Species. One River country), White Ibis (New Species. 20 plus River country), Sandhill Crane (New Species. 2 at Larson Inn, Kissimmee), [American Kestrel?], [Woodpecker ?sp.], American Crow (New Species. Five plus River country), Loggerhead Shrike  (New Species. 2 MGM studio)

Sunday 15th August, 1999


To Animal Kingdom then Blizzard Beach and Epcot. Not many birds.


Monday 16th August, 1999

To Kennedy Space Centre.

Brown Pelican (New Species. 1), Cattle Egret (3-4), White Ibis (2-3), Turkey Vulture (New Species. 20 plus), Osprey (3), Common Grackle (New Species. Numerous)

Tuesday 17th August, 1999

To Magic Kingdom and MGM's studios.

Anhinga (2 Magic Kingdom), Great Blue Heron (New Species. One Magic Kingdom), White Ibis (several), Black Vulture (several Magic Kingdom), Mourning Dove (New Species. One MGM studio), Common Grackle (several)

Wednesday 18th August, 1999

Typhoon Lagoon then Epcot.

American Coot (New Species. One adult, one juvenile Epcot), White Ibis (several)

Thursday 19th August, 1999

To Van der Bilt Beach, Naples.

Brown Pelican (4-5 Naples), Willet (New Species. One Naples)

Friday 20th August 1999


Brown Pelican (20 plus), Snowy Egret (New Species. Two Naples), Roseate Spoonbill (New Species. One Naples), Grey Plover (one Naples), Willet (3-4 Naples), Laughing Gull (five plus Naples), Least Tern (two Naples), Sandwich Tern (3-4 Naples), Mourning Dove (1 Naples), Northern Cardinal (New Species. 3-4 Naples), Elegant Tern (New Species. Two Naples)

Saturday 21st August, 1999

From Naples to Corkscrew Swamp.

Northern Bobwhite (New Species. 1), Limpkin (New Species. 1), Tufted Titmouse (New Species. 3), Pileated Woodpecker (New Species. One female), Red-bellied Woodpecker (New Species. 2), Blue-grey Gnatcatcher (New Species. 2), Great Crested Flycatcher (New Species. 2), Eastern Kingbird (New Species. Four), Belted Kingfisher (New Species. One), Louisiana Waterthrush (New Species. One), Barred Owl (New Species. 1), Little Blue Heron (One), Red-shouldered Hawk (New Species. One), Anhinga (1), Green-backed Heron (New Species. One near Corkscrew), Purple Gallinule (1), Northern Mockingbird (New Species. One), Northern Cardinal (one male Naples), Barn Swallow (several at Naples)

In addition: - Alligator (five juveniles, one adult), Raccoon (1 on the boardwalk at Corkscrew Swamp)

Sunday 22nd August, 1999

To Sanibel Island.

Magnificent Frigatebird (2 Sanibel), Brown Pelican (20 plus Sanibel area), Anhinga (3-4 Sanibel), Double-crested Cormorant (New Species. 6 Sanibel), Yellow-crowned Night Heron (New Species. 2 Sanibel), Tricoloured Heron (New Species. 3 Sanibel), Little Blue Heron (3-4 Sanibel), Great Blue Heron (two-to-three Sanibel), White Ibis (3-4 Sanibel), Roseate Spoonbill (6 Sanibel), Semi-palmated Plover (New Species. 2 Sanibel), Grey Plover (one at Naples), Willet (two-to-three Naples), Spotted Sandpiper (3 Sanibel), Ruddy Turnstone (3 Sanibel), Laughing Gull (30 plus Sanibel), Sandwich Tern (1 Sanibel, two-to-three Naples), Red-shouldered Hawk (1 Sanibel), Osprey (2 Sanibel), Mourning Dove (several), Common Ground Dove (1 Sanibel), Red-billed Woodpecker (1 Sanibel), Pileated Woodpecker (1 Sanibel), Eastern Kingbird (1 Sanibel), Fish Crow (New Species. Two at Sanibel), Northern Mockingbird (two-to-three), Starling, Collared Dove (10 plus Naples), Northern Cardinal (2 Sanibel), Common Grackle (several), Western Sandpiper (New Species. 1 Sanibel Island),  

Monday 23rd August 1999


Brown Pelican (3-4), Laughing Gull (10 plus), Northern Cardinal (2), Elegant Tern (2), Sandwich Tern (1), Willet (2-3)

Tuesday 24th August, 1999

To Anhinga trail then Shark Valley bike ride.

Anhinga (2-3), Tricoloured Heron (2), Great Egret (3-4), Great Blue Heron (1. The only birds seen at Anhinga trail!), Clapper Rail (New Species. One at Shark Valley), Willet (two-to-three), Sanderling (six Naples), Laughing Gull (3-4), Sandwich Tern (two-to-three Naples), Black Vulture (10 plus), Bald Eagle (New Species. One adult seen in flight over road about five miles north of Homestead), Snail Kite (New Species. Two adults (one male) and one juvenile on route 41, just opposite the entrance to Shark Valley), Osprey (3-4), Laughing Dove (several), Common Nighthawk (New Species . 20 plus near Homestead on wires), Chimney Swift (New Species. 1 Naples), Belted Kingfisher (one at Shark Valley, and one between Shark Valley and Naples), Purple Martin (One Naples), Cliff Swallow (New Species. Two-to-three at Naples), Swallow (several), American Crow (3-4 Anhinga trail), Northern Mockingbird (2), Eastern Meadowlark (New Species. One  Near Anhinga trial)

Also seen: - Alligator - 1 Anhinga trial. Lubber Grasshopper (numerous at Anhinga trial)

Wednesday 25th August, 1999

To Pine Island, then back to Naples.

Brown Pelican (20 plus), Anhinga (2), Little Blue Heron (1 Pine Island), Great Blue Heron (1 Pine Island), Great Egret (one Pine Island), Semi-palmated Plover (2 Pine Island), Willet (several), Ruddy Turnstone (3-4 Pine Island), Short-billed Dowitcher (New Species. One on Pine Island), Hudsonian Godwit (New Species. 14 plus Pine Island), Laughing Gull (numerous), Sandwich Tern (numerous), Elegant Tern (3-4 Pine Island), Black Vulture (3-4 Pine Island), Red-Tailed Hawk (New Species. One Pine Island), Osprey (one Pine Island), Mourning Dove (several), Common Ground Dove (two-to-three), Collared Dove (3-4 Naples), Red-bellied Woodpecker (one at Naples), Grey Kingbird (Two at Naples), American Crow (2 Naples), Northern Mockingbird (2-3), Starling (three Palm Island), Northern Cardinal (two)