Cyprus August 1997

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This was a family holiday to the south of Cyprus with a short mini cruise to Egypt and Israel.

Thursday 14th August, 1997

Pissouri Beach, Cyprus.

House Sparrow (three to four), Hooded Crow (2), Alpine Swift (one), Partridge sp. (one calling)

Friday 15th August 1997

From Pissouri to Limassol and back (bank holiday!)

House Sparrow, Hooded Crow (3), Swallow (3), Kestrel (one female), [Wheatear, one black and white, at Villa], [Partridge sp., calling at Villa], Woodpigeon (one at the Villa), Herring Gull (1 at Villa)

Saturday 16th August 1997

To Paphos and back.

House Sparrow, Griffon Vulture (one low over the Villa), Shrike sp. (one juvenile, at the Villa -? Woodchat)

Sunday 17th August, 1997

Cyprus Pied Wheatear (New Species. Two at the Villa), House Sparrow, Magpie, Chukar (eight at the Villa), Kestrel (one male at the Villa)

Monday 18th August, 1997

To Limassol then Troudos mountains (Mount Olympus) then Episkopi, to Pissouri.

House Sparrow (two-to-three), Cyprus Pied Wheatear (one Pissouri, one Troudos), Collared Dove (Two Limassol), Kestrel (1 Pissouri), Eleonora's Falcon (four Pissouri, including one dark phase male), Masked Shrike (New Species. One (? Female) Mount Olympus radar station), House Martin (1 Mount Olympus), Hooded Crow (One Limassol, two Pissouri)

Tuesday 19th August, 1997

To Pissouri only.

Hooded Crow (1), House Sparrow (two-to-three), Cyprus Pied Wheatear (1), Goldfinch (3)

Wednesday 20th August, 1997

To Limassol, then Mount Olympus.

Hooded Crow (two-to-three), House Sparrow (two-to-three), Olivaceous Warbler (1 Pissouri Villa), House Martin (30 plus Mount Olympus), Red-rumped Swallow (2 Pissouri villas), Masked Shrike (one Mount Olympus, as 18th August), Crossbill (three Mount Olympus, one male in song ), Jay (one Mount Olympus), Cyprus Pied Wheatear (two-to-three Mount Olympus), Serin (one Mount Olympus), Chaffinch (3-4 Mount Olympus), Coal Tit (three Mount Olympus), Short-toed Treecreeper (one Mount Olympus), Chukar (one calling at the Villa)

Thursday 21st August, 1997 - Saturday 23rd August 1997

Very little birding done. Nil new other than a possible Harrier Species being mobbed by Kestrel, at the villa, 23rd August.

Sunday 24th August, 1997

Griffon Vulture (four over the Villa, three possible others, Pissouri Beach), Eleonora's Falcon (6 Pissouri beach in the evening), Kestrel (one Akrotiri), Hooded Crow (10 plus RAF Akrotiri base area), Greenfinch (10 plus Akrotiri base), Turtle Dove (1 Akrotiri place, one near Phassouri reed bed), Crested Lark (4-6 Akrotiri RAF), Magpie (1 Pissouri), Lesser Grey Shrike (20-30! Near Bishop's pool area, salt lakes, in flocks of 4-6), House Sparrow (several), Cyprus Pied Wheatear (1 Villa), Swallow (4-5 Phassouri reed bed), Pallid Swift (two seen well Phassouri reed bed), Hoopoe (1 near Sylvana restaurant, Akrotiri)

Monday 25th August, 1997

Collared Dove (1 Limassol), Cyprus Pied Wheatear (one at the Villa), Kestrel (1 Villa), Hooded Crow (Two Limassol)

Tuesday 26th August, 1997

To Paphos airport, then Paphos lighthouse, Polis (Aphrodite's Bath), then back via Asprokremmnos Dam.

Little Grebe ( one Asprokremmnos Dam), Night Heron (one juvenile Asprokremmnos Dam ), Garganey (three, including at least 1 eclipse male, Asprokremmnos Dam), Kestrel (two-to-three Asprokremmnos Dam), Chukar (3-4 Villa), Black Francolin (New Species. Three, including one male, one female, near Paphos airport. Good views, about 10 yards in front of the car, of one male, one female. Another bird was sitting on a heap 200 yards away), Greater Sand Plover (nine at Paphos lighthouse, on the beach. All in winter plumage),? Common Sandpiper - (one heard at Paphos lighthouse), Woodpigeon (several), Turtle Dove (1 West of Paphos), Crested Lark (3-4 Paphos), Swallow (several), House Martin (several), Cyprus Pied Wheatear (one male or), Sardinian Warbler (1 Aphrodite's Bath), Cyprus Warbler (New Species. One (? Female, calling) seen at Aphrodite's Bath), Masked Shrike (2 Asprokremmnos Dam), Jackdaw (20-30 near Villa), Hooded Crow (3-4 at several places), Magpie (2 West of Paphos), House Sparrow (10 plus), Goldfinch (six Polis), Fan-tailed Warbler (one heard, Paphos airport)

Wednesday 27th August, 1997

To Asprokremmnos Dam for dawn, then to Akrotiri, Bishop's pool, then to Polis/Aphrodite's Bath, for snorkelling. Numerous Dragonflies and Damselflies at Bishop's pool, including Lesser Emperor.

Little Grebe (28 bishops pool), Pochard (one male bishops pool), Garganey one female bishops pool), honey Buzzard (1 bishops pool), Kestrel (two bishops pool), Black Francolin (one female Asprokremmnos Dam), Chukar (seven Asprokremmnos Dam), Moorhen (1 bishops pool), Coot (five plus bishops pool), Whiskered Tern (one in winter plumage, bishops pool), Woodpigeon (3-4), Turtle Dove (six plus bishops pool), Kingfisher (one Asprokremmnos Dam, 1 bishops pool), Hoopoe (1 Akrotiri Sylvan Restaurant), Crested Lark (two-to-three), Swallow (two-to-three), House Martin (3-4), Yellow Wagtail (3-4 Bishop's pool, including one feldegg race), Cyprus Pied Wheatear (1 Villa), Fan-tailed Warbler (one Asprokremmnos Dam), Cyprus Warbler (two-to-three Asprokremmnos Dam, one Aphrodite's Bath), Masked Shrike (one Asprokremmnos Dam, one Villa), Lesser Grey Shrike (1 Akrotiri salt pan), Magpie (2), Jackdaw (2), Hooded Crow (15 plus Akrotiri), House Sparrow, Spanish Sparrow (two Asprokremmnos Dam), Goldfinch (3-4 Asprokremmnos Dam)

Thursday 28th August, 1997

To Akrotiri, then to Polis and Paphos lighthouse and Asprokremnos Dam.

Little Grebe (20 bishops pool), Garganey (four Asprokremnos Dam.), Pochard (one male bishops pool), Long-legged Buzzard (one seen well, with dark head, approximately five kilometres East of Polis), Kestrel (two-to-three at various sites), Eleonora's Falcon (two dark phase birds catching dragonflies, bishops pool), Black Francolin (? Three, bishops pool), Chukar (calling at Villa), Moorhen (1 bishops pool), Coot (10 at Bishop's pool), Demoiselle Crane (New Species. Six birds seen well to about half a mile, Akrotiri salt pans. In the morning. Appeared to be identical in plumage, therefore? All adults), Greater Sand Plover (four Paphos Lighthouse), Whiskered Tern (1 bishops pool), Woodpigeon (several), Turtle Dove (five plus bishops pool), Kingfisher (one Aphrodite's Bath, one bishop's pool), Hoopoe (1 Akrotiri), Crested Lark (three plus Akrotiri), Swallow (two-to-three), Yellow Wagtail (three including one eating a large Dragonfly, Bishop's pool), Cyprus Pied Wheatear (several), Isabelline Wheatear (one seen very well, Paphos lighthouse. Very long legged appearance), Cyprus Warbler (two-to-three), Lesser Grey Shrike (1 Akrotiri), Masked Shrike (2 Asprokremnos Dam.), Magpie (two-to-three), Jackdaw (10 plus), Hooded Crow (20 plus), House Sparrow (several), Goldfinch (10 Asprokremnos Dam.), Great Tit (2 calling near the Villa)

Butterflies: -

Swallowtail sp. (one at Bishop's pool)

Friday 29th August, 1997

To Akrotiri and Bishop's pool.

Little Grebe (20), Garganey (two bishops pool), Pochard (one male bishops pool), Montagu's Harrier (one adult male, bishops pool), Moorhen (1-2 Bishop's pool), Coot (10 plus bishops pool), Kentish Plover (10 plus Akrotiri salt pan), Little Stint (one juvenile bishops pool), Common Sandpiper (1 bishops pool), Whiskered Tern (two bishops pool), Turtle Dove (eight plus bishops pool), Kingfisher (two, heard, bishops pool), Swallow (2), Yellow Wagtail (3-4 Bishop's pool), Sedge Warbler (1 bishops pool), Red-backed Shrike (one (? Two) Bishop's pool), Lesser Grey Shrike (1-2 Bishop's pool), ?Phylloscopus sp. (1 bishops pool), Hooded Crow (several), Cyprus Pied Wheatear (one female villa garden)

Saturday 30th August, 1997

Cruise start from Limassol to Port Said.

Herring Gull (2), Shag (2,? Mediterranean race. Both are very pale), no Demoiselle Cranes seen today or yesterday at Akrotiri salt pans, Crested Lark (1 Akrotiri)

Sunday 31st August, 1997

Port Said to Cairo (Museum), Gisa (pyramids), back to Port Said.

Pied Kingfisher (30 plus south of Port Said), Kestrel (3-4), Black-shouldered Kite (1 near Ismalia), Black Kite (3-4 Cairo), Common Bulbul (two south of Port Said), Lesser Black-backed Gull (1 Port Said), Black-headed Gull (20 plus Port Said), Herring Gull (1 Port Said), Mediterranean Gull (1 Port Said), Little Tern (several Port Said), Hoopoe (2 Port Said), House Sparrow (several), Cattle Egret (10 plus south of Port Said), Spur-winged Plover (six to 8 south of Port Said),? Smyrna Kingfisher (two, with brown bodies, and white heads on wires, larger than Pied Kingfisher), Swallow (two-to-three Port Said),? African Brown Sand Martin (1 Port Said. As Sand Martin but dark chocolate below. No white.), Swift (1 Port Said), Palm Dove (5-6 near Port Said), Hooded Crow, Commic Tern (several Port Said)

Monday 1st September, 1997

Haifa to Bethlehem via Tel Aviv, then Jerusalem. Return via the same route.

Palm Dove (Common), Hooded Crow (several), Spur-winged Plover (2 near Tel Aviv), Kingfisher (one Haifa), House Sparrow (several)

Tuesday 2nd September, 1997

To Limassol overnight from Haifa.

Shag (2 Limassol harbour), Herring Gull (three Limassol), Jackdaw (30 at the Villa), Cyprus Pied Wheatear (2 at the Villa), House Sparrow (two-to-three at the Villa)

Wednesday 3rd September, 1997

Pissouri to Paphos airport.

Jackdaw (10 near Pissouri), Cyprus Pied Wheatear (one at the Villa), Chukar (1 calling at the Villa), Hooded Crow (two-to-three near Pissouri), Kestrel (one Paphos airport)