“Thank you for giving our club members such an interesting, informative and entertaining talk on the wildlife of Norfolk. Your passion for the subject shone throughout the presentation and made us gasp in wonder at the diversity of species and the excellent images you have captured with your camera. I’m certain everyone present went home having learned something from the evening.

Thank you again for coming to our club and giving our members an evening to remember and showing us photographs to inspire us of a standard some of us can only dream of reaching.”

Secretary, Lowestoft Photographic Club, September 2012

“For the latest meeting of the Lowestoft Photographic Club we were delighted to welcome Dr Kevin Elsby, a General Practitioner from Norfolk, who gave a talk illustrated with projected images of the Wildlife of Norfolk. Not only were his pictures of excellent quality, but his comments on the creatures displayed as well as the identification added a great deal to the meeting.

It was an evening not to be bettered surely. This is the standard by rightly one of East Anglia’s best wildlife photographers”

Press Officer, Lowestoft Photographic Club, September 2012

“It was so nice to meet you last Wednesday evening. On behalf of all the attending members I wish to thank you for a really excellent and interesting presentation. The feed back I have had has really been amazing you certainly have made your mark with us.

I hope sometime in the future you will accept an invitation to return to us with another presentation”

Chairman, North Norfolk Photographic Society, October 2012

“Many thanks for a great evening last night. We really enjoyed seeing your fantastic images and hearing your tips for improving our wildlife photography. As well as seeing your images from all corners of the globe, you reminded us that there's plenty here on our doorstep in Norfolk. Now it's up to us to get up early and get out there with our cameras!”

Chairman and programme secretary, Wayland and District Photographic Club, May 2013

“Well you have done it again you are top of our societies popularity list. You were really excellent on Wednesday and I have had some excellent feed back from my members they all enjoyed the evening and thought you were one of the best we have had.

So once again many thanks. All the best for 2014.”

Chairman, North Norfolk Photographic Society, 2013

“Dear Kevin

Thank you very much indeed for your talk last night to our group meeting in Dalham. Our members loved it and there were so many appreciative comments after you had left. The photography was stunning and the presentation of the highest quality. I, personally, was basking in glory for having organised such an interesting, funny and competent speaker!

Thank you so, so, much for coming and we hope you had a good journey home and not too tired for this morning’s surgery.

Very kind regards”

On behalf of Dalham & Gazeley WI. September 2015

“Dear Kevin

Many thanks for entertaining us with your wildlife talk last night.  The techniques you used to obtain the pictures were particularly interesting and will hopefully spur people on to give it a try.  It was also good so see such a variety of subjects and locations so that people believed they could have a go.

IThanks again.


Colin Birch, Programme Secretary Chelmsford Camera Club, February 2016

“Hi Kevin

Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful evening. The adage that the best nature photographers are, first and foremost, naturalists, was never better demonstrated. Excellent images, as I expected having seen your work in the NPP. But the real bonus for me was the expert commentary on behaviour, evolution, and much else besides.

I’m so pleased that we finally managed to book you and trust that your journey home was uneventful.

Best wishes



John Bulpitt, Cambridge Camera Club, April 2016

“Hi Kevin

First up let me tell you that I am not a natural history photographer and therefore birds aren’t my thing really. People, places and some creative photography tend to be my main interests and I am very much a print worker. As such, right up to the last minute, I was undecided as to whether or not to go to Ipswich last Monday. In the end I decided that I would and I want to tell you how much I really enjoyed your talk.

I went to Havana last November with my wife, sister and brother-in-law. It was a family holiday rather than a photographic one but I did enjoy Cuba. I would love to go back and travel around more. Anyway, partly because of that, I was obviously hoping that the place as well as the bird life would figure in your talk and so it did. However it amazes me to say that it was the images of and the description/information you gave about the various birds themselves which I really enjoyed a lot. The two birds you showed towards the end, your first and second favourite species, were simply delightful and beautifully captured. Also the description of your travels which you added to the talk helped a great deal. So well done Kevin and thank you.

As well as being a longstanding and very active member of Ipswich, I am also a member of Colchester Photographic Society which living in that town is in fact my main club and where I am Programme Secretary. I have now finalised next season programme but I am wonder whether you might possibly consider coming to Colchester the season after and give us your talk. As a club we are almost 100 strong and naturally have a few very keen natural history photographers amongst our midst. If I enjoyed your talk then I know that they and in fact everyone else would do so also. If this is something you would be happy to do Kevin I will make a note and, assuming I remain as Programme Secretary, I shall contact you again when I start the 2017-18 programme to pursue the idea further.

Well that’s it from me and once again Kevin thank you for a particularly enjoyable night last Monday.

Kind regards

Roy Essery”

Roy Essery, Programme Secretary, Colchester Photographic Society

“Just to say many thanks very much for your recent trip to our
Photographic club at St Ives and giving your lecture on Wildlife of
East Anglia.
To say the photography was fantastic is just an understatement. So
many brilliant images and even those of common birds were excellent
and gave new light to the subjects. Raised the bar for images with
even some of the high quality members of our club ! In particular,
for me, the shot of the Bittern in flight was stunning.
Your commentary was also so full of information on the subjects and
where they could be found, I wished the whole lecture could be taped
and watched and listened to over again.

Once again, many thanks for making the long trip. From our point of
view it was certainly well worth it and I have the pleasure of
looking forward to organising another visit.”


Ian Montgomery, Programme Secretary St Ives Photographic Club, October 2016

“Good morning Kevin, just a short email to thank you for a memorable Tuesday evening at the St Ives Photographic Club, it was one of the best we’ve ever had. I spend a lot of time in North Norfolk and have just invested in the Canon 500mm lens, and as you say on your website, very heavy but what a wonderful piece of kit!

Once again thanks for a very interesting and informative evening.”

Alan Bustard, St Ives Photographic Club, October 2016

“Dear Kevin, once again I must say how much we enjoyed all your talks and talking with you around the ship. Hope you got some special photos of your time on the Amazon.”

Nina Ladner, passenger on M. S. Braemar cruise to the Amazon, February 2017

“Dear Kevin, my wife and I returned from the Braemar cruise and may I just say thank you very much for your very interesting lectures while on board. I’m sure that you were well aware that the whole audience was completely spellbound.  Long may you be able to enjoy your worldwide travels. Thankyou again.”

David and Margaret Pincombe, passengers on M. S. Braemar cruise to the Amazon, February 2017

“Hi Kevin.

Thank you very much for your wonderful entertaining talk to us last night. Our members thoroughly enjoyed it. Your photographic images were absolutely superb.

We  hope to invite you for a return visit.  I will be in touch.”

David Porter, Norwich R.S.P.B Group. March 2017

“Dear Kevin,

Just a word to thank you once again for your wonderful talk last night at Leicester Forest. I am sure everyone thoroughly enjoyed your fascinating insight into the world of nature and especially seeing your stunning images.

Hopefully you will return soon with some more pictures and interesting thoughts about the countries you have visited and their endless variety of flora and fauna.


With best wishes


John Whitby, Programme Secretary, Leicester Forest Photographic Society, May 2017


Here are some reviews of the lectures I have given:-